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Peyton Manning and Tom Brady top fantasy dilemmas

The regular season is here. That means all of your roster decisions now come with significantly more gravitas. Every choice you make from here on out comes with a lot more consequences. That means it's important that you make the right call. In that case, it's good that you're here for Make the Right Call. What a coincidence, eh?

Who should I start in Week 5: Peyton Manning or Tom Brady?

This would be a fantastic problem to have and in previous years, it might be nearly impossible. But with Tom Brady's draft value having taken a hit, it's likely you have this dilemma. Manning and the Broncos have a pretty tasty matchup against the rival Raiders, but we're also talking about the 23rd-ranked quarterback in fantasy football. That's not a typo. On paper, the Cowboys have been tough against fantasy signal-callers, but in the past two weeks this group has given up 20-plus fantasy points to the duo of Matt Ryan and Drew Brees. The Cowboys defense is banged up and even with Greg Hardy back in action, Tom Brady and the red-hot Patriots offense is the way to go.

Who should I drop: Lamar Miller or C.J. Anderson?

You want to talk about disappointing running backs, look no further. Both of these rushers came off the board in the first three rounds and haven't returned anything close to requisite value. But of the two, I remain the most optimistic about Miller. With interim coach Dan Campbell vowing to make the team tougher, that's usually code for "run the football". Meanwhile Anderson is undoubtedly in a committee and is going to continue losing touches to Ronnie Hillman unless things change in a hurry. That makes him the player you want to part with. However, I'd add that you probably don't want to drop someone you drafted in the second round. Try packaging him in a deal and getting something in return.

Should I trade Jimmy Graham and Kendall Wright for Antonio Gates and Latavius Murray?

At this point, it's worth doing whatever you can to unload Jimmy Graham from your roster. Maybe the Seahawks will figure out a way to use their big tight end, but there's little reason to believe that epiphany is coming soon. Kendall Wright has outperformed his expectations, but the depth at fantasy WR means you can certainly replace him. On the flipside, Antonio Gates should step in and be a big part of the Chargers offense while Latavius Murray is still a focal point in Oakland's attack. Plus, I'm a believer that you can never have enough running back depth in today's NFL.

Who should I add: Falcons D/ST (vs WAS) or Giants D/ST (vs SF)?

No one is going to confuse Washington's offense with the attacks in New England and Green Bay, but they haven't been the dumpster fire we've become accustomed to seeing. The biggest fear is that Chris Thompson follows in the recent footsteps of other pass-catching RBs against the Falcons and has a big day. As for the 49ers ... they're an even bigger dumpster fire than we imagined. Colin Kaepernick is struggling to connect with his receivers and the offensive line can't consistently open holes for Carlos Hyde. Look for the Giants to be opportunistic and force some turnovers. They should be the call this week.

Should I start Charles Clay or Delanie Walker?

Both of these fantasy tight ends have been pretty effective this season and both have pretty good matchups this week -- coincidentally with their two teams playing each other. But the edge goes to Charles Clay for two reasons. The Titans have been worse against the position, allowing 11 fantasy points per contest. But the other reason is that Clay has been a bigger part of his team's offense. The Buffalo tight end has seen around seven targets per game this season, compared to just four for Delanie Walker. The man from Buffalo should get the nod this week.

Marcas Grant is a fantasy editor for Follow him on Twitter @MarcasG.

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