Peyton, Kubiak find compromise in pistol formation

Out of struggle, compromise is sometimes born and the Broncos found a rather simple solution to a disagreement that was stalling their offense throughout the first two weeks of the season.

As Jeff Legwold of explained, Broncos head coach Gary Kubiak wants a quarterback under center because it forces a defense to honor both sides of a formation unlike the shotgun where, he feels, a team can tip its hand on a running play.

Manning prefers the shotgun because he can survey a defense easier from that distance.

The solution? Split the difference and run out of the pistol like the Broncos did during their 24-12 win over the Lions on Sunday night.

Manning went 31-of-42 for 324 yards and two touchdowns. Denver's offense played faster than they have all season and Manning was able to fade into his comfort zone, which allows him to make repeat calls at a quicker pace to expose immediate vulnerability in a defense.

"That was something coaches came up with during the week," Manning told reporters. "Green Bay did it last year against them late in the season and had pretty good success with it, so something that we've repped throughout training camp. But something they wanted to do this week and I imagine it'll be a part of the arsenal throughout the season whether we use it next week or two weeks from now, I don't know."

The beauty of a 3-0 team making adjustments on the fly with a Hall of Fame quarterback as opposed to an 0-3 team is that this can all happen without the slightest inclination of an argument or disagreement taking place. Manning was clearly uncomfortably and unhappy for the first game and a half of the 2015 season before concessions were made that allowed him to play the way he likes.

Now? A 3-0 team that is close to optimized and no one is worse for the ware.

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