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Pettine: Team won't have 'quick hook' for Brian Hoyer

Despite an unproductive preseason that could leak into the start of the regular season, the Cleveland Browns assured starting quarterback Brian Hoyer they won't be calling for bullpen aid at the first stumble.

The team could utilize backup Johnny Manziel in a package of plays early in the season, however, coach Mike Pettine said he won't yank Hoyer because of one poor performance.

"This is your team, this is your offense," Pettine said he told Hoyer when he won the job. "We have his back. We didn't go with him and just say, 'Hey, listen. We might do this and see how it goes and after a series, we might switch it back.' I don't think you can do that -- I know you can't do that at quarterback. ... It's not going to be a quick hook."

Pettine acknowledged the NFL is a production business and generally wants players pushed by the fear of having their job taken. But quarterback is one position "you have to make a longer-term commitment," he said.

Pettine didn't define what "long-term" means.

We've expected that barring an out-of-this-world start for Hoyer, it makes some sense for Manziel to take over following the team's Week 4 bye.

The Browns might not chuck aside Hoyer after one bad outing on the road in Pittsburgh, but if his play continues as it did in the preseason he'll inevitably get the hook after a few weeks.

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