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Pettine on Brady: I lose respect for people who cheat

Mike Pettine's mentor, Rex Ryan, made a living as a head coach making some choice jabs at the Patriots.

But on Friday, in the wake of this week's Ted Wells Report, the Cleveland Browns coach couldn't resist the chance to take a little shot himself.

Alrighty then.

The report found that Brady was "more probable than not" to be "at least generally aware of the inappropriate activities" regarding the deflation of footballs. Pettine, like more than a few analysts and pundits around the game, has taken that as an opportunity to question Brady's legacy.

And while it's surprising to see a member of the clandestine world of the NFL speaking out, it's also a bit refreshing. Whether or not you agree with Pettine, there are fans out there curious as to how their coach feels. Many have sidestepped it, including one of the coaches who had a direct involvement in the controversy.

"Really, we've moved on in our focus," Indianapolis Colts coach Chuck Pagano told reporters on Friday.

This certainly won't make Pettine any more popular -- certainly not in the mind of Bill Belichick -- but he does have our ear.

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