Peterson: 'I do my talking between the white lines'

Patrick Peterson was ranked No. 18 on NFL Network's annual "Top 100 Players" list, but the Cardinals star finished seven spots behind Washington's Josh Norman for the top cornerback spot.

Peterson, however, is exuding the level of confidence that suggests he might consider himself the best cornerback in the NFL.

"I do my talking between the white lines," Peterson told USA Today Sports. "I show the world what my hard work does between the white lines, because that speaks more than words. And that speaks longer than words.

"I don't need to be boastful or brash. 'Oh, look at me.' I'm all about the team. I don't want to take that focus away from the team. At the end of the day, I know I'm the best. I know I can get in the face of the receiver and I mean much more to my team versus those guys to their team."

He's defended his case on social media over the past few months. Peterson tweeted (and deleted) 'Know your worth' to Norman after the Panthers rescinded his $14 million franchise tender back in April. The Cardinals corner has also gotten into Twitter barbs with Seahawks rival Richard Sherman, who was the third-highest ranked defensive back on 'Top 100.'

The day of Peterson whipping out his Twitter fingers may be numbered though, as Peterson also told USA Today Sports that he's not interested in partaking in anymore social media fights for the time being. He did mention in the interview that Sherman "has one of the best safeties in the game [Earl Thomas] playing over top" and Norman is "a guy who, in the media, likes to talk. But not in a bad way. That just may float his boat."

Whether it's online or spoken aloud, Peterson's trash talk is among the NFL's elite. Maybe he should have unleashed that smack talk earlier to try to influence NFL players into voting him as the top corner in 'Top 100.'

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