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Pete Carroll: 'No place' for talk of Seahawks dynasty

PHOENIX -- Super Bowl XLIX offers the rare opportunity to see the NFL's reigning dynasty squaring off against a burgeoning powerhouse.

Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll acknowledged Monday that it's "really exciting" to be on the verge of back-to-back Super Bowl victories, but stressed that there is "no place" for talk of dethroning the New England Patriots' dynasty this week.

"It's just something that you look back at and you see after the fact," Carroll said.

Although Carroll is reluctant to consider his own team's legacy, he heaped praise on a Patriots organization making its unprecedented sixth Super Bowl appearance of the Bill Belichick-Tom Brady era.

"A dynasty is what New England has done, to return as their division's champs for so many years," Carroll added. "I mean, it's ridiculous the numbers that they've put up, and to be a first-round bye team for 10 times or something in the last 12 years or whatever the heck it is -- those are ridiculous numbers."

After last year's Super Bowl victory, defensive end Michael Bennett predicted to Around The NFL that Seattle will be home to the next dynasty.

A bold, unconventional franchise, the Seahawksassembled a deep roster by capitalizing on cost-effective young talent.

Nothing they have done to this point has been a surprise.

The tricky part comes next year, once Russell Wilson's salary transitions from the game's biggest competitive advantage to an obstacle to overcome.

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