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Payton to use 'scrambler' to combat social media

Sean Payton said Friday that he plans to add a scrambler for his team, but not one as a possible replacement for Drew Brees down the line.

The Saints coach told "Tiki and Tierney" on CBS Sports radio Friday that he is adding a "simple scrambler" as a way to keep players off of social media before kickoffs.

"It's just a simple scrambler that avoids the social media element," Payton said, via "That will be in our locker room."

He added that "it's going to be a Sean Payton thing" when pressed if this was a league-wide initiative.

A scrambler is a device that can jam the signal in an area, so it would be used to eliminate Internet access in the Saints' locker room.

Payton offered this solution when asked about the Antonio Brown incident with Facebook Live back in January.

"It's a lot easier to handle if it's a third-string tight end," Payton said. "It's much more difficult to handle when it's one of your top players," Payton said. "But that being said, I'd have been pissed."

Considering, however, the Brown social media saga happened after the Steelers' postseason win over the Chiefs, does this mean Payton will employ similar restrictions for his team as well instead of just before the game?

One thing's clear, though: Payton, with this experiment, is hoping that technology will be the only thing to slow down the Saints next season after a third-straight 7-9 season in 2016.

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