Patterson: Marquette King was 'kind of like a diva'

Marquette King's unceremonious departure from the Oakland Raiders and signing with the division-rival Denver Broncos has enflamed tensions between King and some of his former teammates.

The punter said immediately after signing his deal with Denver that there was "a revenge factor" to signing with Oakland's hated rival and he criticized new Raiders coach Jon Gruden's decision to release him, adding, "The people that work at the Broncos encourage you to be yourself."

Oakland linebacker Bruce Irvin didn't take too kindly to those jabs thrown by his former teammate, tweeting out his desire to be on the punt return team against Denver next season:

In desperate need of a peace-broker, Good Morning Football turned to former Raiders returnerCordarrelle Patterson to help explain the lingering beef.

"People didn't like him, dude," Patterson explained. "He was kind of like a diva, but he wasn't. He wouldn't show it that much. He was just crazy, man. He had fun though. I respect him as a person, but he just did things a little different."

In as many words, Patterson is corroborating sentiments from the new Oakland regime that King was more of a distraction than an asset, despite his top-tier punting production.

Patterson was also kicked off of Gruden's island this offseason when he was traded to the Patriots in mid-March, and like King, the return man says he is also benefiting from a change in scenery.

"I was excited. Like you said, they make it to the Super Bowl almost every year. If they don't, they win it. It was an exciting feeling for me," Patterson said of his trade to Foxborough. "I got a call from Bill [Belichick]. You know, it was crazy. He was just telling me I don't know what you've been through in the past, but basically we get the job done here. We're going to make you a player that you should be."

It remains to be seen whether letting go of special teams aces King and Patterson will work out for Gruden and his green regime, but it speaks volumes that both players appear happier and/or more valued in their new organizations.

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