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Pats planned to make Jamie Collins part-time player

The Patriots' decision to trade Jamie Collins to the Browns was arguably the most shocking move of trade deadline week, but there were several reasons why New England decided to end its relationship with the All-Pro linebacker.

One of the Patriots' motivating factors rested in their plans to turn Collins into a part-time player since the team was frustrated with his lack of success against the run, multiple sources informed of the situation told NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport.

Once the Patriots decided Collins wasn't part of the team's core defensive future, they viewed him as expendable. The Patriots ruled him out of possible franchise tag designation and the team feared he would cause issues within the locker room, Rapoport added.

These developments came after the team touched base with Collins' agent, Bus Cook, over the summer on a potential contract, according to Rapoport. Both sides were far apart in contract negotiations and talks were eventually shelved.

Collins grew increasingly frustrated with the team not valuing him and he was clashing with coaches, Rapoport reported. As a result, he was ready to move on and was relieved to be traded, Rapoport added.

"I'm not the type to pout about anything," Collins said about the trade Wednesday. "This is my new home. This is my focus. I'm ready."

It remains to be seen if the Browns will be able to sign the fourth-year vet to a long-term contract or if he'll test the free-agency waters this offseason.

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