Jamie Collins 'not the type to pout' about trade


Jamie Collins went from the perennial power New England Patriots, sitting at 7-1 atop the AFC, to the NFL's doormat in the winless Cleveland Browns.

In his first media session with Cleveland reporters, Collins said he was surprised by the trade for about 10 minutes, then moved on, per the Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

"I'm not the type to pout about anything," Collins said. "This is my new home. This is my focus. I'm ready."

The linebacker added that his first impression of the Browns left him feeling like there more of a family atmosphere in Cleveland than the Bill Belichick-run house in New England: "It's different," he said.

Monday's trade left Patriots fans grasping for reasons why Belichick would jettison a talent like Collins for a compensatory third-round pick. Even if the linebacker wasn't as consistent as the Pats would like, it was a surprise for a Super Bowl contender to jettison a core player.

In the final year of his rookie contract, contentious negotiations were labeled as one possible reason for the Patriots cutting bait. Various reports suggested Collins wanted Von Miller-type money, while the Pats offered around $11 million per year.

Collins denied that he received an $11 million offer from New England and scoffed at the idea he's seeking Miller-money.

"I'm not Von Miller. Let's be smart," he said.

There are a lot of iterations between $11 million and $19 million per year.

Collins said for the duration of the season he's auditioning for 31 other teams, considering he's a free agent in 2017.

Before that audition ends, the Browns could lock up the linebacker for big money.