Patriots' success has a lot to do with smart players

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The genius of Bill Belichick's football philosophy is balance. This is the essence of The Patriot Way. The Patriots merge supreme athletes with smart veterans who have high football IQs. When you analyze the roster, every unit has a veteran who knows where to get the guys lined up.

In the secondary there's Rodney Harrison. At linebacker there's, Junior Seau, Mike Vrabel, and Tedy Bruschi who all get the D-Line in position. On the offense, it goes without saying all the O-linemen are smart guy. At QB, Tom Brady is Brady…at WR, Randy Moss is not only a great talent but a very smart guy and at running back Kevin Faulk is a good tutor for Laurence Maroney.

The real advantage to having these coaches on the field is the ability for Bill Belichick to change game plans on the fly if necessary. Having these guys make it easier to execute adjustments because the high IQ guys understand the design and changes required to be successful. This philosophy is what sets the Patriots and Indianapolis Colts ahead of the class. They are a team with high football-IQ guys sprinkled in with great athletes.

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