Patriots' Rob Gronkowski: 'I like scoring touchdowns'

Gronk like to score. Gronk like to score touchdowns. Gronk like to score a lot of touchdowns.

Rob Gronkowski was an unstoppable force Sunday as he rumbled for three touchdowns, including a 46-yard bulldozing catch-and-run.

"I like scoring touchdowns for sure," Gronkowski said, per "That's why when I get in the red zone my eyes light up."

The lovable tight end's combination of size and speed was too much for the injured and talent-poor Chicago Bears linebacking and safety groups to handle.

"He's big, fast, strong and when he plays like beast mode, he's tough to stop," quarterback Tom Brady said.

Gronk getting healthy as the season progresses is the No. 1 reason the New England offense has been a nearly unstoppable force the past four weeks.

The tight end left Sunday's 51-23 blowout win with dehydration. Gronk said he could have re-entered the game had it been necessary, but in the future he hopes to avoid the problem.

"I have to make sure I don't get dehydrated, you know, got to keep on drinking," Gronkowski said.

Water, Gronk. Keep drinking water.

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