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Patrick Peterson wants Julio Jones one-on-one

The Julio Jones and Patrick Peterson rivalry extends all the way back to their SEC days when they played for Alabama and LSU, respectively. Sunday, they will renew their clash when the Arizona Cardinals visit the Atlanta Falcons.

"He won a couple battles, I won a couple battles," Peterson said this week, per the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. "But I think for the most part I won the majority of those battles. (Jones is) an incredible athlete. Love the battle and the competition between us. It just brings out the best in both of us."

The Falcons' wideout remembers winning more than anything.

"From my record, the only thing I can remember is, I won three and lost one," Jones said. "I whipped him twice in college and I lost one time in college and I won the one time in the NFL. That's the only thing I can remember. So, you can take that any kind of way."

In their one pro matchup, in 2012, Jones caught just three passes for 33 yards and Peterson had four tackles. However, the Falcons won 23-19 at the Georgia Dome.

Peterson plans to be in Jones' hip pocket often Sunday, as he was when slowing Calvin Johnson and Dez Bryant earlier this season.

"Me feeling I'm the best corner in the league, I want the team's No. 1 receiver, period," Peterson said. "That's where you get the opportunity to gain the respect from your peers and be recognized as one of the best and one of the greats after you are done with the game."

Not only will the Jones-Peterson matchup be one of the weekend's most dynamic, with the Cardinals trying to stiff-arm the Seahawks in the NFC West and the Falcons -- improbably -- atop the NFC South, it will have major playoff implications as well.

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