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Panthers, Saints involved in wild fracas at Superdome

Fracas alert in NOLA.

Following a 2-yard touchdown plunge by Cam Newton in the first quarter of Sunday's 41-10 win over the Saints, players from the Panthers and New Orleans went at it behind the end zone, an entanglement that featured punches and multiple players being pushed through the gate and into the tunnel at the Superdome.

It started when Saints linebacker Curtis Lofton took exception to Newton doing his patented Superman celebration right in Cameron Jordan's grill. Lofton pushed Newton, and things escalated from there. Panthers tight end Brandon Williams was ejected for taking a swing at Jordan.

"I didn't take kindly to that," Lofton said, per NFL Media's Albert Breer. "I thought it was disrespectful. ... Don't regret it. I'd do it 100 times out of 100 times."

Saints frustration likely played a role here. They were getting whooped, 17-0, in the first quarter.

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