Panthers CB Josh Norman: 'It's hard to play two teams'

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- Panthers cornerback Josh Norman, like most of the Carolina defense, didn't have a poor Super Bowl. He had two passes defensed and helped lead a secondary that gave up only 104 yards passing overall.

And he was cryptic when trying to find the cause of the team's 24-10 defeat.

"It's hard to play two teams," Norman said multiple times after the game.

Norman wouldn't elaborate on what he meant. He likely means the officials, not the Panthers' offense. Carolina had 12 penalties in the game, many of them before the snap.

"Keep pounding man," Norman said after the game. "Just make us stronger for next year and years after that and just continue to push through everything and beat obstacles. Because this is going to set in for quite some time. This is (Super Bowl) 50. The biggest one yet. ... It just sucks to be on the other side of the stick, man."

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