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Palko still preparing to be Chiefs' starter despite Orton pickup

Tyler Palko was on the practice field Wednesday when he received news that Kansas City had acquired Kyle Orton, but the Chiefs' quarterback of the moment said coach Todd Haley didn't tell him what that meant for the team's future, starting with its game Sunday night against the Steelers.

"He didn't tell me either way," Palko said, according to the Chiefs' website. "He just said that we're full speed ahead for Pittsburgh. I was in the huddle today calling the plays, and we have a really good plan that I'm fired up about."

The day after he completed 24 of 37 passes for 230 yards (but no touchdowns and three interceptions) in a 34-3 loss at New England, Palko was back at the Chiefs practice facility despite arriving in Kansas City at 5 a.m. Oh, and he spent the flight home studying film of his first career start with Haley.

"You've got to understand something -- I've been the practice squad quarterback, I've been the number three, I've been the number two, and the starter last week," Palko said. "Whether I was a practice squad guy and had no chance of playing on Sunday or I was the three, the two, or the one, I prepared the same way, with the same intensity, with the same amount of time that I put in and that's not going to change."

Palko, whose career began as an undrafted rookie in 2007, should be pretty excited about playing the Steelers: He grew up in Pennsylvania, played college ball at Pitt, and was briefly the Steelers' backup quarterback in 2009.

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