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Packers WR Jennings vents frustration over role

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- Greg Jennings isn't getting the ball as much as he'd like to, and it's beginning to wear on him.

The Green Bay Packers wide receiver said Wednesday that he vented frustration over his reduced productivity in a tirade during Sunday's overtime loss at Washington and had to apologize to Packers wide receivers coach Jimmy Robinson afterward.

"It felt good, honestly, I'm not going to lie," Jennings said. "It felt good to relieve some of that built-up tension because I never really do that. You know, I apologize. I had to tell Jimmy, my coach, 'My fault Jimmy. It's not you, it's this game of football.'"

Such outbursts are out of character for the generally even-tempered Jennings, a second-round pick in 2006 who has become one of the Packers' top offensive threats.

"I got frustrated during the game," Jennings said. "I was a little out of character during the game. It's because of (my) competitive nature. I've never been an 'I, I, me, me' kind of a guy. My guys know that. The team knows that. When you're not able to perform to your level and you have really no control over it, it is frustrating."

Jennings said he is getting frustrated after catching only 14 passes for 183 yards and three touchdowns in the first five games of the season. It wouldn't be a big deal if the Packers' offense was playing up to its potential as a unit.

"If you're winning and everybody's having fun, none of this is even talked about," Jennings said. "None of this is even a topic. But when you start to lose those close games, you start to notice the little things like, 'Man, I'm not getting as many opportunities."'

Jennings caught 80 passes for 1,292 yards and nine touchdowns in 2008 but his production slipped last season, when he caught 68 passes for 1,113 yards and only four touchdowns.

"I was in the same situation last year," Jennings said. "I'm kind of starting to get too familiar with this area but it's all a part of the game."

Still, Jennings insisted he would never let his effort slip.

"I'm going out there every single play, competitive every, single play, regardless of whether the ball's coming my way or not," Jennings said. "(I'm) making sure that I'm perfect in my assignments and I'm sound in my assignments and performance. And when I do get the opportunity, I'm able to make the plays and not let my lack of production distract my performance."

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