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Packers won't bring back Eddie Lacy pal Alonzo Harris

Eddie Lacywas disciplined for a curfew violation ahead of Thursday night's epic win over the Detroit Lions.

The concern about Lacy off the field doesn't end there.

NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reported Sunday on NFL Network's GameDay Morning that the issues are bad enough that the Packers decided not to re-sign third-string running back Alonzo Harris to their practice squad. Harris was cut after he missed curfew with Lacy.

"The Packers, I'm told, do have some off the field concerns with Eddie Lacy and that came to light when he was disciplined for a curfew violation on Wednesday night -- of course before the Thursday game," Rapoport said. "He wasn't alone -- Alonzo Harris, another running back, was actually released from the team and what transpired after this was pretty instructive on what the Packers think about Eddie Lacy. They thought about bringing Harris back on the practice squad, but they are not going to because he is one of Lacy's running mates. They are close friends and they don't want any bad influences close to Lacy. And this is not the only issue they've had to deal with with him. He also showed up to training camp pretty heavy, he also was benched and made the No. 2 running back. They certainly need Eddie Lacy to be better."

It wouldn't be the first time an NFL team dumped a player deemed to be distracting a star.

Lacy's struggles on the field seemed to be in the past after busting the 100-yard rushing barrier for the first time this season in Weeks 11 and 12.

The 25-year-old back dealt with injuries this season and his weight seems to have affected his burst. Lacy's benching in favor of James Starks didn't have a lasting effect. Now his off-field issues have cost a friend a potential job.

The Packers' offense has looked off kilter for more than a month. Part of that is the ground-game struggles. Thursday's win sets Green Bay up nicely for a return to the playoffs, but they won't get far against the likes of the Carolina Panthers, Arizona Cardinals or Seattle Seahawks if the offense doesn't perk up, especially Lacy.

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