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Packers teammate: Mason Crosby has 'ice in his veins'

Mason Crosby nailed two field goals over 50 yards in the final 98 seconds of Sunday's playoff tilt to give the Green Bay Packersthe 34-31 win over the Dallas Cowboys.

Crosby actually banged home three 50-plus yard attempts in that span, also hitting a try that was negated by Jason Garrett's futile freeze attempt. Despite getting "iced," Crosby drilled the 51-yard game-winner.

"He's got ice in his veins," Packers punter and holder Jacob Schum said, via the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. "Just let him do his own thing. (Snapper) Brett (Goode) and I are going to be working, just work snaps and holds, and Mason stays in his own head, doing his own thing, his own routine. We all trust him to do what he does and be able to put that ball through the uprights.

"You could just see in his face, 'It's just another kick. I'm going to crush this.' That's exactly what he did. So it's just awesome to be a part of it."

Crosby became the first player to make two 50-yard field goals in the final two minutes of a playoff game. The 51-yarder is the longest game-winning field goal in NFL postseason history, per NFL Research. The two 50-plus yarders were the first makes from that distance in Crosby's playoff career. The Packers' kicker has made 23 consecutive postseason field goals (extending his own NFL record).

"For Mason to hit those two kicks," Aaron Rodgers said, "he's the best kicker in the league, and he's got to do it outdoors for most of the season on a tough field at times, and he's so reliable for us. He's made a bunch of them in the playoffs.

"It's just incredible that he makes it twice."

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