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Packers slip by rival Vikings, ride Eddie Lacy to finish

  • The Packers had the impossible task of extending their two-game winning streak while holding firm on the league lead in style points. In a 24-21 win over the Vikings, they managed to cross one of those items off the list, but faced a surprising grind-it-out contest in the process. Here's what we learned: *
  1. Even in the games that won't be considered Aaron Rodgers' best, there is an element of calculated fearlessness that is so fun to watch. On a first-and-goal from the Minnesota 1-yard line, he throws a nearly blind touchdown pass entirely across his body while rolling to the opposite sideline. For almost any other quarterback, a play demanding that much air on a ball across the field gets scrapped.
  1. It's hard to believe now, but the Vikings are two or three players away from being a very good football team, and most of those players are on the offensive line. Bridgewater's development needs to coincide with the development of a young core up front, especially if Adrian Peterson isn't returning. Still, Mike Zimmer showed glimpses of what he's capable of with the talent he has in the secondary and managed to force Rodgers into some uncomfortable throws while living dangerously with a single-high safety.
  1. Teddy Bridgewater, after staring receivers down for a majority of the game, steadied himself in time for a crucial fourth-quarter drive that put the Vikings down by a field goal with just a few minutes left to play. The Packers were inviting him to run all afternoon, which resulted in a career-high 32 rushing yards. With this offensive line, he's going to have no choice but to diversify his game a bit.
  1. Eddie Lacy's impact on this Packers' offense, especially in cold-weather months, is indescribable. The best thing Green Bay can do at this point to aid the future of their offense is add another power back behind him and continue to build on this offensive line.
  1. How much fun will the season finale be if the Lions can rebound and stay within a game of the Packers? After taking a beating in New England on Sunday, that seems to be on Jim Caldwell's shoulders more than anyone else. But both teams will look so much different during Round 2.

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