Packers' Rodgers calls Sanchez's GQ spread 'embarrassing'

Mark Sanchez's GQ cover and accompanying photo spread might win him some fans in the fashion world but not in the NFL.

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, speaking on his weekly radio show on ESPN Milwaukee, called the New York Jets signal-caller's photo spread in September's issue "embarrassing."

"Look at this, that's embarrassing," Rodgers said Wednesday. "Page 94 of this GQ thing here, that's terrible."

That would be the page where Sanchez is pictured wearing white pants and a black tank top.

Sanchez took the high road when asked about Rodgers' comments, saying: "I think he was, obviously, making a joke out of it, and that's fine, giving me a good ribbing like the guys on our team."

When asked why he didn't have a cover shoot after winning the Super Bowl, Rodgers responded: "That's not really my style. I like my anonymity, I like my privacy. I like being able to be the quarterback during the week, and in the offseason be able to do what I want to do and not be in the public eye."

And that's much easier to accomplish in Green Bay than New York.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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