Packers, Raiders among teams to forgo major uniform change

With Nike taking over as the NFL uniform provider, most teams took the opportunity to revise or re-imagine their gear. But a handful chose to keep things the same.

Photo gallery: Nike unveils new uniforms


As highlighted by on Wednesday, it appears the Green Bay Packers, Carolina Panthers, Atlanta Falcons, Philadelphia Eagles and Oakland Raiders will continue to have their uniforms designed and made the same way they've always been.

Nike's website contains descriptions of all 32 uniforms, with a page covering each team. According to the descriptions that appear on that site, the five teams listed above are keeping to the "traditional design aesthetic" and "former uniform fabrication," though they all will use newly designed gloves. reported the New England Patriots, Kansas City Chiefs, Pittsburgh Steelers and Houston Texans will change their uniforms but forgo the so-called "flywire" V-shaped neckline, which is meant to reduce the ability of opponents to grab the jerseys.

The Seattle Seahawks' uniform underwent a complete overhaul, but most other teams' get-ups were given just minor changes in appearance. All of the changed uniforms will have a tighter fit.

Teams could make more dramatic changes to their alternate uniforms, which have yet to be unveiled.

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