Packers QB Jordan Love: 'I've got to get myself ready to play'

We haven't heard all that much from Jordan Love since he was drafted into an unenviable role of anointed successor to a future Hall of Famer, but with said legend absent from offseason activities, Love has been granted an opportunity to gain valuable reps with his teammates.

After an unimpressive Tuesday, Love looked sharp at Packers practice Wednesday according to local reporters in attendance. The result was encouraging for all involved, considering the former first-round selection was a nonfactor in his first NFL season. If Love ends up being forced into the starting role because of Aaron Rodgers' discontent with the Packers, days like Wednesday provide proof that maybe Love will be able to handle the job.

"I definitely think good days build confidence, and then just stacking good days on top of each other," Love said. "Obviously I think anything that you do that's doing good and performing at a high level, it'll definitely take your confidence up and just let you be more comfortable out there and play smoother."

Love is gaining an understanding of how to play with the Packers' best players in real time after he was unable to work with Green Bay's top talents during earlier portions of the offseason due to their absence. A second day of work showed the first strides made in this effort.

"I definitely feel like it was a good day for me and for everybody else as well. Just bouncing back from yesterday's practice on offense, you know, it wasn't our best practice all around and for me as well," Love said. "Being able for us to come out here and just bounce back today, it meant a lot for everybody and showed how much we are able to bounce back. It was a good day and just the goal for now is to keep stacking good days and be better tomorrow."

Love attracted first-round attention ahead of the 2020 NFL Draft because of his blend of athleticism, arm talent and potential to marry the two in becoming a legitimate NFL quarterback. His final season at Utah State wasn't as impressive as the campaign prior, but the Packers still saw enough to spend their top selection on him, even when others anticipated Green Bay might instead draft a playmaker for Rodgers to target.

Perhaps that pick was well spent after all. Love is getting an opportunity to improve within Green Bay's offense ahead of training camp, and if he can, as he said, stack good days, he might just develop into a signal-caller capable of leading the Packers' talented offense into 2021. At bare minimum, the Packers are attempting to grow their future into a good backup option, and if the displeased Rodgers continues to stay away from the franchise, that backup very well could end up seeing the starting job.

"My mindset this whole offseason has been to get ready, get myself ready," Love said. "That's been my mindset since I got here, whether Aaron was here or not here. I've got to get myself ready to play."

He proved Wednesday he was at least ready to practice. More days like this one could produce a solid plan B for the team wearing the green and white G.

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