Packers' Morgan Burnett: I don't take back anything

We could come up with at least ten plays where things went wrong for the Green Bay Packers. The avalanche of mental mistakes, poor execution and plain bad luck was hard to fathom at the end of Sunday's NFC Championship Game.

The game seemingly started to turn after Morgan Burnettpicked offRussell Wilson with just over five minutes left, seemingly sealing the game. We've heard a lot of criticism that Burnett made a bad decision to slide to the ground after the interception. Burnett wouldn't change a thing.

"I don't take anything back that I did," Burnett said, per the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. "It's easy to sit here after and say 'we should have did this, we should have did that.' If the outcome was different, we wouldn't even be talking about it.

"I was just trying to secure the catch, I got the ball in my hand and the main thing was just gaining possession of the ball. And I got the 'no mas' signal, which means 'no more, no return, get down' and secure possession of the ball, give our offense the ball."

We agree. Teammate Julius Peppers gave the signal for Burnett to slide, which is easy to see when watching the replay. It's hard to determine how much room Burnett truly had to maneuver, but it's not like he was headed for a pick-six touchdown.

The Packers defense did their job Sunday. If the play of the Packers offense matched them, Green Bay would be getting ready for another Super Bowl appearance.

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