Packers' Finley reveals he had second knee surgery for infection

Injured Green Bay Packers tight end Jermichael Finley said Wednesday he was hospitalized last week to have a second surgery to deal with an infection he caught while undergoing the knee surgery that ended his season, the *Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel* reported.

Finley said he knew something was wrong when he awoke with a burning fever on Oct. 25. It was so bad he went to the Packers' facility to talk with trainers, who immediately drove him to a Green Bay hospital to get the infection cleaned out.

"It's the exact same infection that Tom Brady had," said Finley. "I was running that 105 fever for a good 12, 15 hours. I think I survived it because we caught it so fast."

Doctors inserted a central line from his neck to his chest to speed antibiotics into his body.

Finley, who had 21 receptions in four games before getting hurt on the first play of the Packers' Week 5 loss at Washington, said his knee is making progress but he will remain on crutches for another four or five weeks.

"The knee is the last thing I'm worried about," Finley said. "The infection is the only thing that can hold me down right now. The swelling is down in the knee. I can bend the knee -– not full range of motion but I'm bending it. The knee is coming along great."

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