Packers-Falcons highlights weekend of playoff rematches

It's playoff rematch week, people! Did you get the memo?

Week 5 is all about teams looking to get some revenge for beatdown losses in the 2010 postseason. The Patriots, top seeds at home in January, were big favorites over the Jets in the playoffs, but gave up 14 points in the fourth quarter and fell, 28-21. The Packers went into Atlanta and tore through the NFC's top seed, the Falcons, 48-21.

No regular-season win would erase that pain, but it could be a step in the right direction. And, with the Jets and Falcons looking a little wounded and iffy, and Mark Sanchez and Matt Ryan not playing near the levels we've seen at times in the past, there will be no shortage of attention given to those two games.

We also get the return of the byes, so we're down to fewer games per week for quite some time now. First up with the week off: Baltimore, Washington, Dallas, Cleveland, St. Louis and Miami. So two winless clubs can't get their first win this week ... but then again at least they can't lose again, either. Remember, games here are rated as either a footlong, a six-inch, a pita or a finger sandwich.

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