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Orlando Franklin: Fans have a 'right to be angry'

After years in limbo, the Chargers are moving to Los Angeles. Players and staff were hit with the news late Wednesday, and the move became official on Thursday.

Speaking with NFL Network's Alex Flanagan, guard Orlando Franklin, who has been in San Diego the past two seasons, said he was "shocked" by the move.

"It's unfortunate that we're moving, but I welcome new beginnings at the end of the day because that's what is going to happen," Franklin said. "I'm looking forward to it now, at least we know exactly what's going on."

Franklin was on his way into the facility to get treatment and said he hadn't spoken to teammates about the move.

"I know I was shocked," the 29-year-old offensive lineman said. "I definitely thought we were going to stay here."

However, Franklin said he understood why San Diego fans could be angry about the move.

"They have a right to be angry, they've been here for the last 55 years, anyone would be angry."

Added Franklin: "You talk about losing a team ... they have a lot of reason to be angry, but I understand what Dean and John did here. As a player, I play for them, so I'm going to go wherever I'm told to go."

Chargers all-time great LaDainian Tomlinson added another word to describe the fans' mood: "Disbelief."

"People are obviously they're shocked, they are disappointed. Disbelief is another word I'd probably use. And rightfully so," LT said on NFL Network. "I think most San Diego fans, they felt like this would never happen, like it couldn't happen. You know, 55 years, 56 years in San Diego, they never probably could imagine that the Chargers would ever leave and so that's all they've known. It's generations of football that people have grown up buying season tickets in San Diego. And so to say disbelief it might not even be a strong (enough) of a word to say what they're feeling right now."

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