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One thing Howie Roseman keeps? Chip's smoothie guy

Since his return from a Chip Kelly-induced sabbatical, Howie Roseman systematically dismantled seemingly every move the former coach made wrestling away football power in 2015.

The one thing Howie did keep? Sports science czar Shaun Huls, who has earned credit for many forward-thinking beliefs about nutrition. During Kelly's stay, the Eagles were lauded for out-of-the-box thinking, including instituting a personalized smoothie regimen.

"Chip brought in a lot of great ideas and great people," Roseman told's Peter King. "Shaun and sports science are both examples of that."

OK, fine, Huls wasn't the only remnant of the Kelly regime. For one, Roseman retained Sam Bradford, the quarterback Kelly imported. But he also brought in Chase Daniel as competition.

Roseman noted that the time away last season allowed him to evaluate how to run an organization.

"... I believe experience is a great teacher. All experiences," Roseman said. "In the middle of your career, you can't often take the time or use the energy to take a step back and really learn about your business. But sometimes that's the best thing for you in business-to take a step back and learn. I was given that opportunity, and Jeffrey (Lurie) wanted me to learn as much as I could, and for that I'm grateful. So when this opportunity came up now, I was able to hit the ground running. I'd been thinking about so much of the stuff about building a team."

Roseman might have wiped away some of Kelly's biggest moves, but he wouldn't part with the smoothie guy. Those things are addicting.

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