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On Peyton's special day, let's watch the Sheriff dab

Peyton Manning will end his career Monday with a seemingly bottomless well of goodwill from those who played with him during his legendary 18-year career.

Manning was always a popular figure in his own locker room, but the public didn't typically get to see the light-hearted Manning known for his pranks and ribbing of teammates. Hopefully the stories start to roll out now that Manning's playing days are through.

And if that happens, we'll remember Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall for being the first person to offer up something from the private Manning vault. The following video -- believed to be taken after the Broncos' Super Bowl 50 win over the Panthers -- was posted to Twitter hours after news broke of Manning's impending retirement.

The dab isn't great, but we've seen worse. The judges give it a 6.5/10, with two points added for the gold ropes putting dangerous pressure on the Sheriff's surgically repaired neck.

No wonder he can't wait to get them off.

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