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Oher: 'The Blind Side' negatively affected my career

"The Blind Side," depicting the extraordinary journey of offensive tackle Michael Oher became a popular film and won Sandra Bullock an Academy Award for her portrayal of the football player's adoptive mother.

While the movie, based on a best-selling book by Michael Lewis, has received acclaim since its release in 2009, Oher himself gave a negative review of the Best Picture nominee.

Following a practice scuffle with defensive end Kony Ealy on Wednesday, the Carolina Panthers' offensive lineman was asked if he's still trying to prove himself in the NFL.

"I'm not trying to prove anything,'' Oher said, per ESPN's David Newton. "People look at me, and they take things away from me because of a movie. They don't really see the skills and the kind of player I am. That's why I get downgraded so much, because of something off the field.

"This stuff, calling me a bust, people saying if I can play or not ... that has nothing to do with football. It's something else off the field. That's why I don't like that movie.''

Oher struggled at the end of his tenure in Baltimore and flamed out in just one season with the Tennessee Titans.

"That's taken away from my football,'' Oher said of the film. "That's why people criticize me. That's why people look at me every single play.''

Oher believes the movie has put him in a different light than others who play the position.

"Offensive linemen don't get looked at,'' Oher said. "Nobody is paying attention to the offensive line. But me? I'm getting watched for everything. I know what type of player I am. Everybody else that I know knows what type of player I am. So that kind of stuff doesn't worry me.''

Oher has a point that his popularity is not normal among offensive lineman. However, his play on the field is what matters in the end. Two team's walking away from him speaks louder than any movie.

The Panthers believe their offensive line coach, John Matsko, can coax consistent play out of Oher as he moves to left tackle. If he can, Oher might just have another story with a happy ending written about him.

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