Odell Beckham: Private talk with Mara over celebration

New York Giants co-owner John Mara has spoken with Odell Beckham about his unsavory Sunday antics.

Big Blue's star wideout told reporters he took part in a "private discussion" in Mara's office to unpack Beckham's -- for lack of better words -- dog-urinating touchdown celebration during New York's loss to the Eagles.

Per NFL Network's Kimberly Jones, Beckham acknowledged he was out of line to draw a penalty for the act, saying: "You just can't do it. It doesn't need to be done."

Giants coach Ben McAdoo weighed in on the matter Wednesday, telling scribes that: "Celebration penalties are things you can't have. It's a poor reflection on me, on the program and on the organization. We have a plan for it, we're going to handle it internally."

Handling punishment internally for a star player should translate to the reader like this: Not much is going to happen to Odell Beckham.

"I'm done talking about it," McAdoo uttered when asked if OBJ would start Sunday against the Buccaneers, saying again: "We have a plan for it, we're handling it internally. And we have a plan moving forward."

That plan -- guaranteed -- will include a full-portion of playing time for the roster's best player in a game the winless Giants absolutely need to save their sinking season.

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