Odell Beckham offered professional baseball contract

Just in case the teasing Odell Beckham takes about his minor injuries becomes too much, there's always an escape to another sport.

The Giants' megastar, who could probably be a striker on the men's national soccer team, our lead heavyweight power lifter in the next Olympics and democratic presidential hopeful in 2016, has also received an offer to play professional baseball.

That's right. The Rockland Boulders (Pomona, New York) have reached out with an offer. They were apparently quite impressed with recent video of Beckham at a softball game hurling strikes.

"It's apparent that Odell is a very gifted athlete regardless of his sport," Boulders GM Shawn Reilly said in a release. "We think that getting experience pitching to professional hitters will give him the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of Deion Sanders and Bo Jackson."

Beckham, who deserved every bit of his rise to stardom, is unfortunately beginning to see the downside of playing in New York. His stardom is quickly becoming a parody of itself, which leads to articles like this, and probably more unwanted ribbing from his teammates.

Minor injuries aside, this season cannot come fast enough for a player who high-stepped away with the Offensive Rookie of the Year award in 2014.

I think Beckham would agree.

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