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Odell Beckham: I have no problem with my teammates


Giants star wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr., who recently said that it took a lot of strength for him to be around teammates and hear their "little remarks" and "little jokes" about his recurring hamstring issue, wants you to know that all is well between him and his teammates.

"I have no problem with anybody on the team or inside or anything," Beckham told the New York Post on Wednesday.

He added: "It was more of, you know, I feel like you can't take someone's words and you can't really tell the tone they're saying. I'm like 'Yeah, it gets a bit frustrating when teammates joke with you' and it gets written that he's frustrated with teammates and it's like it's not how it sounds. It's weird sometimes."

Of course, there was nothing in the original article -- or headline -- which suggested that Beckham was frustrated with his teammates. Like he said word for word, the story focused around Beckham being irked by the jokes themselves.

It's the latest example of an athlete being able to blame the media cycle for how he was feeling at the time. Of course, this works both ways. Athletes can often be taken out of context and misinterpreted, though this doesn't feel like one of those situations.

Unfortunately for Beckham, part of stardom is having your words examined at a deeper level than you ever thought imaginable.

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