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Odell Beckham Jr. wants to become ambidextrous

Odell Beckham Jr. made one of the most famous catches in NFL history with his giant right hand. From the sound of it, Beckham has big plans for his left mitt in the future.

The Wall Street Journal offered up an interesting look at Beckham's "secret" plan to become equally proficient with a dominant right hand and non-dominant left. That includes performing nearly all daily tasks with his left hand. That includes brushing his teeth three times a day (good job, ODB!), kicking, swinging a baseball bat and shooting baskets.

Think of the mundane life activity that requires the use of your dominant hand, and ODB is probably going southpaw.

"My left didn't feel the same as my right so I'm trying to become ambidextrous," he said. "It's something I've been trying recently, to get my left hand intact with the rest of my body. This was finding a way to be better."

This is all nonsense, right? Maybe not. A study at the University of Adelaide in Australia found that those who regularly worked with their non-dominant hand eventually showed significant improvement in daily tasks from that side. The Journal spoke with a sports medicine physician who said performing tasks with your non-dominant hand builds the connection between the brain and the muscles and nerves.

"The football is not a foreign object in this hand now," Beckham said. "You adapt the hand so you know the football is supposed to be in that hand, too. You can just feel it better."

Beckham is on pace for 105 catches, 1,350 yards and 12 touchdown this season. Just wait until he freakishly masters all neuromuscular activation patterns of the human body. Enjoy those space smoothies, Chip.

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