Odell Beckham, Josh Norman mix it up in Panthers' win

The Odell Beckham-Josh Norman matchup included a lot of fireworks during the Panthers' 38-35 win Sunday, but most of it occurred after the whistle.

Beckham and Norman tangled on two separate occasions in the first quarter of the Panthers-Giants game, kick starting an afternoon's worth of mixing it up. Beckham was extremely lucky to be hit with only three personal foul penalties instead of being ejected. (Beckham wound up with four total penalties.) In one third-quarter sequence, Beckham took a blindside shot directly at Norman's helmet.

"The man came 15 yards down the field and just went straight for my head. He was doing it the whole game," Norman said.

"I feel like the league should take a look at what the guy was doing. I mean it was ridiculous."

Norman also went after Beckham at times, but the Giants receiver played like he lost his mind for most of the day.

Norman said it was fine for Beckham to "dance and prance like a ballerina" but that he shouldn't pretend to be something he's not.

"I hope I pulled back the mask on who this guy really is," Norman said.

Tom Coughlin said it was a "strong consideration" to bench Beckham at one point, but clearly he was afraid to lose his skill set. After being held without a catch in the first half, Beckham scored a 14-yard touchdown pass to tie the game with 2:31 remaining. During the first quarter, the wideout burned Norman for a would-be long touchdown, but he dropped a wide-open pass. Beckham finished with 76 yards and a touchdown on six catches.

Beckham, meanwhile, mostly refused to answer questions about Norman after the game. He just bemoaned the tough loss and noted that it's often the "second man always gets caught." Beckham expressed regret that his penalties hurt his team.

Norman might have played physical, but it was Beckham who appeared to be the instigator more often. On the Giants' first series of the game, Beckham appeared to push Norman's helmet before the two tussled. On the Giants' second series, Beckham took a shot at Norman before finishing his route, and then ultimately tackled Norman to the ground.

No penalties were issued in the first quarter, which set the tone that it would be allowed. The officials struggled to get the game under control throughout the day. Don't be surprised if Beckham is hit with a fine later this week.

"It goes to show you man, I don't know how many yards that man had, but you go back to the film and watch it," Norman said. "People who was in their living rooms they watched it. I'm sure they understand what type of player this guy is. And it goes to show you who and what he is."

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