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Mobile Application FAQ*- NFL.com Game Center 2010 International*

Why am I being asked to for a user name and password in order to watch the live game streams?

Accessing the live video streams within the Game Center mobile application also requires a paid subscription to Game Pass (https://gamepass.nfl.com/nflgp/secure/registerform), which makes live video streams of regular season games available to fans outside the United States based on certain additional geographic restrictions.

If I have a Game Pass subscription, will I be able to watch Playoff, Super Bowl, and/or Pro Bowl games via the Game Center Mobile application?

No. The NFL Game Pass season subscription only includes preseason and regular season games and does not include playoff, Super Bowl, or Pro Bowl games.

Why is the Game Center mobile application asking to use my location?

Your current location is only used to ensure the Game Center mobile application delivers the correct content based on certain geographic restrictions. It is never saved or shared with anybody outside of the NFL Game Center operations team.

I am connected to a WIFI network. Why am I unable to access the Game Center Mobile application?

Please double check that you are also connected to a cellular network. An active connection to a cellular network is always required so that the Game Center mobile application can determine the geographic location of your device.

I'm in the United Kingdom, what restrictions are there for the Game Center mobile application?

For UK audiences, weekly blackout restrictions may apply for locally televised games. This means that some games may not be available to watch live even with a Game Pass subscription. You will still be able to listen live to those and all other regular-season games though. For more information, visit the Game Pass FAQ found on this page:https://gamepass.nfl.com/nflgp/secure/registerform

Can I watch archived games and the NFL Network using my Game Pass login credentials?

The NFL.com Game Center mobile application currently only supports streaming of livegames. Please log in to Game Pass online to watch archived games and the live NFL Network stream:https://gamepass.nfl.com/nflgp/secure/registerform

Are there other places where I will not be able to access Game Pass live video streams via the Game Center mobile application?

Complete Game Pass geographic restrictions can be found on the Game Pass registration page: https://gamepass.nfl.com/nflgp/secure/registerform

I am traveling to the United States. Will I still be able to use the Game Center mobile application?

Yes, if your device is supported by a mobile network in the United States then the Game Center mobile application will still provide live scores, play-by-play, news, blogs, photos. You will also have access to near-live audio highlights from every game. Live video and audio streams, as well as some video on demand content, will not be accessible however.

What is NFL.com's Privacy Policy?

Please see the entire policy at: http://www.nfl.com/help/privacy

What are NFL.com's Terms of Use?

Please see the entire policy at: http://www.nfl.com/help/terms

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