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Niners GM apologizes to Roman for daughter's tweet

There was little goodness to be found in the 49ers' world on Thanksgiving, and that includes the timeline of Cassie Baalke's now-defunct Twitter account.

Cassie Baalke is the college-aged daughter of Niners general manager Trent Baalke. After San Francisco managed just 167 yards of offense in a 19-3 loss to the Seahawks on Thursday, Cassie tweeted: "Greg Roman can take a hike..the 49ers don't want you no more."

She quickly deleted the message, and later, her entire account, but the damage was done. On Friday, Trent Baalke released a statement:

"My daughter and I both regret that her feelings got the best of her after last night's game and that she chose social media as an avenue to express her feelings. We have apologized to Greg for this unfortunate matter. While disappointed, as a father I will use this as a teachable moment to help my daughter grow."

Translation: You are grounded until your 80th birthday.

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