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Nickell Robey-Coleman clarifies Tom Brady comments

ATLANTA -- Los Angeles Rams cornerback Nickell Robey-Coleman made headlines after a Monday report cited him as saying "age has definitely taken a toll" on New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

Probably not the wisest thing to do when considering the Rams and Patriots are set to play in Super Bowl LIII this Sunday.

So, it wasn't surprising when Robey-Coleman downplayed the situation during Super Bowl LIII Opening Night at State Farm Arena.

"I think everybody made a big deal of the situation," Robey-Coleman said. "Tom Brady is a great quarterback. I wasn't trying to say nothing bad about him. I respect him as the G.O.A.T. He is the legend, and I think words just got misconstrued and they got taken out of context."

Rams cornerback Aqib Talib, who played with Brady in New England from 2012 to 2013, took exception to the tone of the report and media reaction, pointing out Robey-Coleman also complimented Brady.

As to the opposing quarterback's current skill set, Talib said there has been no deterioration.

"He ain't lost nothing," Talib said. "He in the Super Bowl again. He Tom Brady."

Meanwhile, Robey-Coleman went out of his way Monday night to lavish praise on Brady, who is making a bid to win his sixth Super Bowl championship.

"I'm not taking nothing away from his game," Robey-Coleman said. "I can't take nothing away from his game. This is my first appearance; he's been in this place many times, this position many times, so I'm not fixing to make a big deal. Like I said, words got taken out of context. I respect him and we're going to go out there on Sunday and play football."

There is another thing Robey-Coleman might have to worry about outside of answering questions on the earlier report, though.

The teams still have to play each other, and Brady might take a few shots directly at Robey-Coleman, who indicated he would be ready if that became the case.

"I'm a slot guy and I'm going to come bring my best game," he said. "There ain't no backing down, it ain't nothing. We're going to see on Sunday."

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