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Nick Sirianni wears 'Beat Dallas' T-shirt to news conference

Eagles coach Nick Sirianni enters just his third game leading Philadelphia but understands the rivalry with the Dallas Cowboys well.

Sirianni wore a "Beat Dallas" T-shirt to his Thursday news conference ahead of Monday night's game in Texas.

"Yeah, you can definitely feel it," Sirianni said of Monday night's rivalry, per the team's official transcript. "I can't tell you how many times since I've been here having an interaction with a fan, it's, like, 'Hey, beat Dallas.'

"And I think that's really cool. I think that's awesome. So really love the fact that I'm able to partake in this rivalry and it means a lot to the city, to our team, it means a lot to this building."

Sirianni wearing a T-shirt that says "Beat Dallas" isn't exactly inflammatory. It's stating the obvious. It'd be different if the shirt said "Dallas Sucks" or "We will beat Dallas" or even "Dallas Who?"

The first-year coach isn't worried about providing any bulletin-board material for the Cowboys.

"I'm sure they're going to have the picture of this shirt on there. And that's fine," Sirianni said. "This is about a great rivalry. And that means a lot to this city, that means a lot to our building.

"And it's a division game. And with the rivalry and it being a division game, I don't know if anyone needs -- our side, their side needs any more bulletin board material or if it's even going to help because we know how big the rivalry is and how much it means to both sides."

Entering Monday night's tilt, the Eagles have lost three straight road games versus the Cowboys. Philly has not lost four straight in Dallas since 1992-95.

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