NFL Week 15 playoff-clinching scenarios

The Eagles and Steelers became the first teams of the 2017 season to clinch a spot on the postseason last weekend, but plenty of more teams can book their tickets in Week 15.

Below are the officially NFL playoff scenarios for Week 15.


Clinched:Philadelphia Eagles -- NFC East

Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia clinches home-field advantage throughout NFC playoffs:

1) PHI win + MIN loss

Philadelphia clinches a first-round bye:

1) PHI win

2) PHI tie + LAR loss or tie + NO loss or tie + CAR loss or tie

Minnesota Vikings

Minnesota clinches NFC North Division:

1) MIN win or tie

Minnesota clinches a playoff berth:

1) SEA loss + ATL loss + NO loss

2) SEA loss + ATL loss + CAR loss

5) SEA loss + ATL tie + NO loss + CAR loss


Clinched: Pittsburgh - AFC North Division

Pittsburgh Steelers

Pittsburghclinches home-field advantage throughout AFC playoffs:

  1. PIT win + JAX loss or tie

Pittsburgh clinches first-round bye:

  1. PIT win
  1. PIT tie + JAX loss

New England Patriots

New England clinches AFC East Division:

  1. NE win or tie
  1. BUF loss or tie

New England clinches a playoff berth:

  1. BAL loss or tie

Jacksonville Jaguars

Jacksonville clinches a playoff berth:

  1. JAX win
  1. JAX tie +BUF loss or tie
  1. JAX tie + BAL loss or tie
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