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NFL Week 13 game picks: Saints over Panthers; Eagles hit 11-1

It's Week 13, which carries plenty of relevant games in the playoff picture, and a whole bunch of quarterback intrigue.

As we head into this week's slate, much focus has been placed on the play of one position, which seems to carry more weight than ever before -- and not all of it's good weight. The Eli Manning benching threw everyone for a loop, even those who have sided with the decision to play for the future (not me). Actually, a true play-the-other-guy-for-the-future situation can be found in San Francisco, with the 49ers starting Jimmy Garoppolo. To a certain extent, the same can be said about Bruce Arians handing the keys to Blaine Gabbert again. On the other end of the spectrum, Carson Wentz and Tom Brady are in a two-man race for league MVP. Other fans and media have continually pointed out the high-level play of Case Keenum. Jared Goff isn't slipping under anyone's radar, either -- not because of hype, but on merit, if for no other reason than the San Andreas-level shift in his play from 2016. Then there's Philip Rivers, who's been streaking since early October.

We haven't even delved into the iceberg Alex Smith struck, the struggles of Dak Prescott, or the Redskins apparently needing like 385,000 throws before they can make a decision on Kirk Cousins. See what I mean?

On to your non-quarterback, football thoughts ...

Super Bowl. They run the football and play solid team defense. Might be an old formula, but it allows them to close out games. They actually have two closers. Don't forget great starting pitching, too.

Viking fans have been saying Minnesota's a top-three team for weeks. That said, the NFC is fascinating this year. The Vikes and Saints can beat the Eagles.

Wow, checking in from Ireland! Well, Matt, the NFC is fascinating with contenders in the Saints, Vikings and Rams. We are all mindful of the Patriots. Yet, at risk of going green because of your homeland, going with the Eagles. They are a complete team.

Now, you'll see my picks for potential contenders New Orleans and Philadelphia's enticing games -- and every other Week 13 contest -- below. Almost all the member teams are still in it mathematically, though some of those odds are quite long -- kinda like the chances that Geno Smith is Big Blue's future. Your future thoughts can be sent now: @HarrisonNFL is the place.

Now, let's get to it!

Elliot Harrison went 13-3 on his predictions for Week 12, giving him a record of 109-67 thus far this season. How will he fare in Week 13? His picks are below:


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