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NFL warns Tom Coughlin about remarks on workouts

Earlier in the week, Jacksonville Jaguars executive vice president Tom Coughlin said during a media pre-draft luncheon there was nothing more to be said about his April 18 comments surrounding a player's absence during the offseason workout program.

The NFL might have had something to do with it.

The league sent Coughlin a warning letter regarding his earlier public statements surrounding players not attending voluntary workouts, a league source told

The NFLPA, which came out with a statement shortly after Coughlin's comments, asked the league to remind the Jaguars of the rule surrounding pressuring players to attend the voluntary phases of the offseason workout program, the source said.

Coughlin's comments brought forth reactions not just from the NFL and NFLPA, but from cornerback Jalen Ramsey and Ramsey's agent. Ramsey, who elected to work out in Nashville, took to social media and quote tweeted his agent by saying, "I'll be ready when it's time."

In addition to Ramsey, linebacker Telvin Smith exercised his right to not attend the Jaguars' workouts. The only phase of the offseason workout program the two players need to attend is the mandatory three-day minicamp on June 11-13.

In the meantime, if Coughlin and others of like minds want to make it a requirement for players to be present for the offseason workout program, they should get together and attempt to change the CBA.

Until then, voluntary attendance is exactly that.

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