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NFL team proposes rule to make roughing the passer reviewable

An NFL team has proposed a new rule that would make roughing the passer reviewable by replay, NFL Network's Judy Battista reported on Sunday.

The proposed rule -- which Battista reported is not expected to be supported by the league's Competition Committee -- would be voted on by ownership during March's Annual League Meeting, unless it is withdrawn.

On Monday, Battista reported that the Rams made the proposal to make roughing the passer reviewable and that the fourth-and-15 idea might be proposed once again.

The NFL Competition Committee held meetings on Sunday in Indianapolis, where the 2023 NFL Scouting Combine will take place this week. During the meeting, the committee looked at more than 80 plays of roughing the passer and found three that it deemed questionable, Battista reported.

Per Battista, the conversation was centered on "sling vs. slam." The slam, when a defender picks up the quarterback in the air and slams him onto the ground, is when it becomes problematic, according to Battista. The "sling" is considered the natural progression of the play.

The committee also spent 90 minutes discussing officiating and how to become more consistent across the league, per Battista. Troy Vincent, executive vice president of football operations, said the committee was pleased with the level of training of its officials, according to Battista.

The NFL Competition Committee met again on Monday to further discuss the proposal on roughing the passer.

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