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NFL salary cap for 2018 season set at $177.2 million

NFL coaches and general managers got some good news Monday: The salary cap is going up.

The league will increase the cap's total from $167 million to $177.2 million for the 2018 season, NFL Network's Mike Garafolo reported, according to two team executives who were informed.

The raise is a nice one, but it didn't quite reach the $12 million jump teams were afforded when the cap increased from $155.27 million in 2016 to $167 million last season. The jump from 2017 to 2018, though, does mark the fifth straight year the cap has increased by at least $10 million over the previous year.

Free agency is slated to begin March 14. With Monday's news, teams now have some more cash to spend on a talented crop of available players.

Each team's available cap space can be found below, organized by most to least (according to Over The Cap).

Cleveland Browns: $108,692,537

New York Jets: $89,259,293

Indianapolis Colts: $72,700,202

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: $69,775,263

San Francisco 49ers: $66,290,382

Chicago Bears: $62,546,933

Houston Texans: $62,383,067

Washington Redskins: $47,727,317

Minnesota Vikings: $47,630,443

Tennessee Titans: $45,974,068

Los Angeles Rams: $38,840,349

Cincinnati Bengals: $33,805,793

New Orleans Saints: $30,263,354

Jacksonville Jaguars: $29,048,410

Detroit Lions: $26,660,005

Carolina Panthers: $26,535,393

Buffalo Bills: $24,267,381

New York Giants: $23,036,234

Denver Broncos: $23,021,711

Los Angeles Chargers: $22,341,346

Arizona Cardinals: $20,236,238

Oakland Raiders: $17,355,013

Green Bay Packers: $15,674,151

Atlanta Falcons: $13,864,422

New England Patriots: $13,127,289

Seattle Seahawks: $12,609,911

Baltimore Ravens: $8,896,861

Pittsburgh Steelers: $5,119,024

Dallas Cowboys: $12,247

Kansas City Chiefs: -$3,289,981

Miami Dolphins: -$8,630,165

Philadelphia Eagles: -$11,214,390

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