NFL releases first report on football health and safety issues

As the NFL continues to make significant strides promoting a culture of safety for its players, and for football players and athletes at all levels, the league published its first Health and Safety Report.

The 2012 report includes a summary of the programs and initiatives in place currently to protect and enhance the health and safety of players. The goal is to offer a comprehensive look at the league's health and safety efforts. It will discuss where important progress has been made in the past and, importantly, look forward where further improvements will be made.

The key pillars of the NFL's health and safety programs that are detailed in the report include: advancing a health and safety culture; advocating for safer sports at all levels; enhancing the safety rules of our sport; investing in important scientific research; providing health and wellness resources for our retired players; and improving equipment to help prevent injuries.

This report was distributed publicly at the NFL Fall Meeting in Chicago on Tuesday.

-- NFL media services

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