NFL not planning to move trade deadline off Nov. 3 Election Day

The NFL is preparing teams for Election Day closures on Nov. 3, but the business of football will not stop that day.

The league memo sent out Wednesday regarding closing all league and club facilities for Election Day did not mention that Nov. 3 was also the trade deadline.

NFL Network's Tom Pelissero reported Thursday that there is no discussion on moving the trade deadline, per sources.

The key day in the league calendar will go on as planned on Nov. 3.

The league memo noted that coaches, player personnel, and video staff may be present Nov. 3 "to evaluate possible player transactions," among other purposes and that the league office "will be staffed to handle all player personnel transitions," per Pelissero.

The plan is there will be enough personnel on hand to handle all logistical issues at the trade deadline without necessitating moving the date.

The decision to close club facilities allows personnel the opportunity to exercise their right vote without work hindrance. The league is also urging teams to promote registration for all players and staff.

To register to vote or gather more information, visit NFL Votes here.

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