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NFL has canceled 2020 Annual League Meeting

The NFL is currently continuing with its schedule to open the new league year Wednesday, but made one big cancellation.

The NFL announced Thursday that the Annual League Meeting in Palm Beach, Florida, has been canceled due to growing concerns surrounding the new coronavirus known as COVID-19.

Rule changes and other football matters normally discussed at the spring meeting, which was scheduled for March 29 through April 1, will now be discussed and voted upon at the May meeting, with NFL coaches and general managers expected to attend.

The NFL issued the following statement:

"NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell notified the clubs today that after careful consideration and consultation with medical experts, the NFL's annual meeting scheduled for March 29-April 1 has been canceled.

"There will be full consideration and votes on any open football issues, including playing rules, bylaws, and resolutions, as well as other business matters that were on the agenda for the Annual Meeting, at the Spring Meeting scheduled for May 19-20. Most of the first day will be dedicated to football-related issues. Head coaches and general managers will participate in the meeting.

"This decision was made consistent with the league's primary concern to protect the health of club and league employees and the public while enabling the league to continue with its essential business operations.

"We will continue to closely monitor developments, consults with leading experts, and be prepared to make any changes necessary as circumstances warrant."

The NFL's cancellation comes as most major sporting events and large gatherings have been halted due to the new coronavirus pandemic.

Along with the owners' meeting being called off, numerous NFL teams suspended their pro day travel.

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