NFL GameDay returns to offer final word each Sunday

**Rich Eisen, Steve Mariucci and Deion Sanders

Cover the NFL in 90 highlight-packed minutes

Sundays at 11:30 p.m. ET**

NFL GameDay, the comprehensive postgame "show of record" returns Sundays at 11:30 p.m. ET on NFL Network. Host Rich Eisen is joined by analysts Steve Mariucci and Deion Sanders on the 90-minute program which puts an exclamation point on the day's action.

NFL GameDay features highlights, post-game press conferences, on-field interviews and analysis in wrapping up each NFL Sunday. Below are some notable quotes from 2006:

Memorable quotes from NFL GameDay in 2006:

"It's Peyton who can give his brother the noogie." –- Rich Eisen following Colts win over Giants (Week 1)

"I am telling you by Week 8 Art Shell will look like Morgan Freeman." -- Deion Sanders after the Raiders start the season 0-2 (Week 2)

"I shook hands with this man a few years ago… and it was like shaking hands with Sasquatch." -- Deion Sanders on Panthers DE Julius Peppers (Week 2)

"He never got a ticket for speeding in the secondary, I'll promise you that." --Deion Sanders on Panthers WR Keyshawn Johnson's touchdown run on the end-around (Week 3)

"I used to have those autographs on checks. Jerry, I miss those autographs." -- Deion Sanders on Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Signing Autographs for Fans (Week 4)

"This is the best team in football." -- Steve Mariucci on Chicago Bears (Week 5)

"Just give them the first pick right now." -- Deion Sanders on Oakland Raiders (Week 5)

"... On the only phone he's not pitching on TV." -- Rich Eisen on Colts QB Peyton Manning speaking on sideline phone (Week 5)

"I'm afraid of the Colts. They are my 'all-mascara' team. They look good now, but they may not look good later." -- Deion Sanders on Indianapolis Colts (Week 7)

"Smiling for the cameras as Tiki gets ready for the Fox News Channel." -- Rich Eisen on Giants RB Tiki Barber posing for a postgame photo with his brother, Bucs CB Ronde Barber (Week 8)

"Everyone should be in the NBA looking for players like this….arguably the best tight end in football." -- Deion Sanders on Chargers TE Antonio Gates (Week 13)

"This looks like Bush vs. Fresno State last year." -- Rich Eisen on Saints RB Reggie Bush's four-touchdown performance against San Francisco (Week 13)

"Six for 19, was that baseball?" -- Deion Sanders on Bears QB Rex Grossman's six completions in 19 attempts against Vikings (Week 13)

"That's when the suit takes out his pocket square." -- Rich Eisen on 49ers coach Mike Nolan (wearing a suit on the sidelines) throwing the red challenge flag (Week 14)

"In rushing, they're 32nd in the league. And there are only 32 flavors in the NFL." -- Deion Sanders on Panthers offensive struggles (Week 15)

"Every team has to win and then let the nuclear engineers figure it out." -- Steve Mariucci on the tight wild card races and tiebreakers in each conference (Week 16) is the exclusive online destination for NFL game highlights. Visit each week for clips from NFL GameDay.

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