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NFL Fantasy Podcast: 2020 Exit Interviews, Part 7 (aka Four Piece)

Marcas Grant, Michael F. Florio and Kimmi Chex are back for a new edition of the NFL Fantasy Football Podcast! In this episode, the hosts continue conducting "exit interviews" with teams that, if not for trades, would be making selections in the 25-28 positions of the 2021 NFL Draft. First, Marcas, Michael and Kimmi discuss the Los Angeles Rams and the ceiling for upstart RB Cam Akers (6:00). After that, it's time for the Cleveland Browns exit interview. The fantasy experts break down with the polarizing WR Odell Beckham and whether or not he's still a top fantasy prospect (13:25). Next up is the Lamar Jackson-led Baltimore Ravens. The hosts discuss whether or not the late-season surge from WR Marquise Brown will be sustainable next year (20:41). Then, Marcas, Michael and Kimmi discuss the New Orleans Saints and the future of Michael Thomas, who may or may not still be a first-round WR (28:58). Finally, the hosts react to the Carlton Davis vs. Michael Thomas Twitter feed by discussing the best rivalry in sports at a team or individual level (40:42).

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