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NFL Fantasy Podcast: 2020 Exit Interviews, Part 6 (aka Four Sheets)

Marcas Grant and Michael F. Florio are back for a new edition of the NFL Fantasy Football Podcast! In this episode, the hosts continue conducting "exit interviews" with teams that, if not for trades, would be making selections in the 21-24 positions of the 2021 NFL Draft. First, Marcas and Michael discuss the Indianapolis Colts and which potential quarterbacks would be a best fit to replace the retiring Philip Rivers (5:03). After that, it's time for the Tennessee Titans' exit interview. The fantasy experts break down the future of Titans QB Ryan Tannehill and whether or not he is a fantasy sleeper (13:11). Next up is the Seattle Seahawks and their complex wide receiver situation. The hosts discuss where they might target WRs Tyler Lockett and DK Metcalf in next year's draft (22:31). Then, Marcas and Michael discuss the Pittsburgh Steelers and whether or not an aging QB in Ben Roethlisberger is holding the offense back (31:27)? Finally, the hosts reveal their daily fantasy picks for Championship Weekend (42:53).

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